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I’m Dave Nelson. Writer, producer, and host of The Vinyl Garage. It is a radio show that takes it’s cues from the period in radio history that I consider golden. The late 60’s & early 70’s.
The birth of FM.
When the FCC granted AM stations a place on the FM band, and subsequently required the programming to be autonomous of the AM “mother ship”,
the stations scrambled to find enough material to fill this new endeavor.

Many times the FM station would be thought of as a 2nd rate member of the radio family and were not exactly given the best of everything, being its equipment,
material to play, or even on air talent.
But it was the “throw-away” talent that turned out to be the format’s saving grace.

It was their off-beat, many times irreverent , play list that appealed to, in the beginning, a select group, but by the mid 70’s became the norm.
Many times the programming mirrored the times, showcasing the civil rights and anti-war movements, along with the drug culture,
all subjects that the “mothership” many times couldn’t afford to take the chance by presenting. Those subjects also, in time, would become the norm.
This time period is what the Vinyl Garage is fashioned after.

The show tries to also educate. I believe it’s not only important to know the band/songwriter’s material, but also to understand the influences that made it possible.
Knowing and giving proper credit to the original songwriter when a song is covered and following past and future band members as they come and go and
the influence in the sound of the group that can be attributed to them.

I come from a record collecting backround and integrate into the show interesting points of the vinyl the song I’m presenting came from, details of cover art, label or recording variations,
and collector values are also explored.
Listeners of the Vinyl Garage can look forward to hearing songs that they may or may not know even existed,
let alone heard before without making the material un-entertaining.
I listen intently to the lyrics and think everyone should also. Thank you for your interest,


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