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Hailing originally from The Bronx, NY, I got the bug for Radio at The Age of 7.
I listened to a lot of stations, including 77 WABC, 66 WNBC, WNEW-FM and of College Station WCWP-FM.
WCWP-FM was the last station that gave me a foundation and family for life. I gained Alumni status, and was among the many tht helped to reignite their identity and independence when they found themselves in a bad situation.
Moving down to Florida opened up a lot of doors for me. Adventure awaited me at Disney World and also getting into Radio Internet Streaming when the local stations wasn't giving me the music I craved for.
Then out of the blue in 2001,The Big Kahuna Rockin' Rick offered me a spot to join his station which had started off as JB 102.9. After going through a few different inceptions of call letters, he finally settling on TYME 102.9 WTYM.
He wanted me to do a speciality show dedicated to E.L.O. that was inspired by a friend in The UK who did the same thing. The title had to unique since most of the usual ones were already. So TWILIGHT!! THE MUSIC OF E.L.O. AND MORE was born.
Remember, every Saturday at 7am "The Zoom Ship", takes of right here on Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M.

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