SATURDAYS 4pm (est)

Three years ago, Swanee knew that he wanted to extend the band's brand and music into radio. He also realized that accessing
today's radio environment requires a strategy specifically aimed at giving the stations what they demand.
1) programming that reaches their target audience, & 2) a cost that makes it a win.
After many months of research, it became clear that the markets most receptive to Swanee's concept were
the smaller rural stations who wanted to barter several hours of programming time for the benefit
of a quality show provided to them at no cost. To answer this challenge, Swanee approached Mike Ryan.
Mike is a veteran radio announcer with a long pedigree in broadcasting, and also has a strong interest in 1950's music.
Swanee introduced the concept of Whitesidewalls Radio to Mike. The show would consist of two hours of music
by the original artists of the 1950's and early 1960's with an occasional cut of the band's own music.
"Records" Ryan would spin the music and there would be a new show transmitted to the stations each week.
Today, Whitesidewalls Radio is literally playing throughout the world. With 3 stations in Minnesota
and two internet stations in the New Jersey and in Lutz, Florida. The music we all love reaches the far corners of the globe through the Internet.

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