Tyme 102.9 was a concept that was started way back in 1998.My partner in crime John (Rocky Rabbitt) and I was toying with the idea of having our own radio station.We would be a station that would play almost anything. Well, we gave up the idea of a ON-AIR radio station and thought about Internet Radio. At The time, the only game in town that would give you a fair chance was Live 365. So,after getting some ideas together and a few hundred songs later, on June 6th, 2000, Jb 102.9 W.J.U.K. was born.Jukebox 102.9 play everything from Big Band To Zydeco..
(no rap or Hiphop at all).

The station had a lot of ups and down with money problems and programming that it lead into a lot of differences of opinions
between the both of us. I wanted to go a different direction than what Rocky wanted to so we decided to shut down Jb 102.9.
After a couple of years and a lot of different ideas I came up with The Big 88 W.T.Y.M...All 50's 60's & 70's music
I felt almost at home with the format I went with, But there was still some stuff missing from the big picture..I got a hold
of Wilbury Steve and brought him back on board with his show Warlock Radio. He brought a few friends with him and for the first time the station was clicking on all gears.In 2005 Mike Hendryx was here with "Forward Into The Past" ,Tony T with "Free Format For Free",
Winifred Boyd With "The Tree Of Avalon", Tom Fallon With "Motown Memories",Myself with "The DooWop Lunchbox", And Jason Michaels with "Lost In The 80's".

I bet you are wondering what a 80's show was doing on a station that was primarily 50's 60's & 70's.The concept of the the station was
"Your 50's 60's & 70's Time Machine". We wanted to preserve those "Decade's Of Music", But I Also wanted to give other People with ideas to have a place to put there shows on.

2005 was a really good year for the station. We had a lot of fun doing our thing. By that time we had changed the station call letters from The Big 88 W.T.Y.M to Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M. as kind of a "Homage" to J.B 102.9

By 2006,the station started falling on some really hard times. By this time, Everyone but Wilbury Steve, Myself, And Tom Fallon left the station for other adventures in there life. We kept the station going until the very end of 2006. I had a lot of changes in my health and life that I was not able to keep the station going. So in October of 2006 I posted this letter on Wilbury Steve's page:

Hey all you hip cats out there. This is The Big Kahuna coming at you.. This is a very bittersweet day for myself and the staff
of Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M., for we are closing our doors for good.. I've been doing this since the beginning of Internet
broadcasting . It's been almost 7 very long years and a lot of work.. We went through a lot of changes and a lot of different
staff in the station.. So after 7 years I'm going to hang up the golden W.T.Y.M. Microphone and take some time to live life to the fullest I can live life too. But, before I go I have a few people to thank..

Rocky Rabbitt:
My side kick that has been there thru the entire run. Thanks for the support and help to make the past 7 years a pretty damn good run...

Mike Hendryx:
Thanks for some of the best stuff I have ever heard in 2005.. You gave me the inspiration to open up and become who
I am today.. The Big Kahuna.

Jason Michaels:
A good friend and a guy who knows too much about the 80's.. Great run in 2005 and I hope you have
more chances to do what you do best.. Entertain...

Bo The Janitor:
Clean up that Dumpster Dude... Oh by the way, I bought the dumpster for you and the little piece of land
it's on. So take good care of it ok?.

Reech n Feelmore The window guy:
You missed a Spot.

Tom Fallon:
Thanks for Motown Memories. It has been a honor to have been an affiliate of your show for the past 2 years
I thank you very much for being there when I was looking for a show to fill in where I needed.

C.B.S.,Warner Brothers,Sony,R.C.A , And all of the other record labels that have caused the Internet Radio Broadcaster
GRIEF throughtout the years.....
KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!

And Finally To Wilbury Steve:
You have been there since the beginning doing what you do the very best... Entertain.
You ought to be very proud of yourself.. You stuck it through thick and thin.. It has been a honor My friend to have you
with me all of these years & I hope you enjoy doing what you do best... Making people go: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ?!!!!!

Thanks everyone for the memories and I will remember the fun I had When I put a Fresh Fang in The Tone Arm Cobra To
listen to the music....Until we meet again.....
The Big Kahuna Rockin Rick Wolf.......(J.B.102.9, Cruisin' 1040 W.H.B.O., The BIG 88 & Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M...)

I ended up meeting my better half known as "Sunshine" in late 2006. Married her in 2007, and she helped me get my life
back on track. I felt like a new person with a new found energy to live and I asked her if she would like to help me
resurrect the station. We talked about it and made a few promises to each other and decided to give this
"INSANE PROJECT" a second go around.

We got the music back together and tweaked a few things. Made a few calls and "Got The Band Back Together".
Motown Memories was back. So was The DooWop Lunchbox, & Forward Into The Past. Wilbury Steve brought a
"New Show" into the fold called TWILIGHT! The music of E.L.O. & more. So on May 9th, 2011, Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M. was re-born.
In June Of 2011, We dropped The W.T.Y.M. Moniker of our call. We found out that a On Air station was using it....

Here it is, one year later and we are still going strong. Do we know what the next year holds for us?
Not really. But,we plan on being here to find out. So stay Tuned

As of Janurary 1st, 2013... We have aquired the call letters W.T.Y.M. We are now known as Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M - D.B.

November 2014.... Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M. as lost one of own. Jason Michaels has lost his battle with Cancer...R.I.P.

January 2nd, 2014 12noon... Tyme 102.9 changed its format From 50's,60's & 70's to 50's 60's 70's & now the 80's Four Decades of music...

Feburary 1st, 2016... Tyme 102.9 has joined the family.

May 9th, 2016... Tyme 102.9 W.T.Y.M. Celebrates its 5th year back on the air.
June 1, 2016... Tyme 102.9 says goobye to & has joined the SonixCast family of stations.

October 12th 2016 Tyme 102.9 has lost another one of ther own. Rick Hall of Rock and Country with Rick & Diana passed away today.

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